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MEMtrim 1.0.1

MEMtrim 1.0.1

MEMtrim Publisher's Description

What is MEMtrim for ?
MEMtrim application will auto trim the memory of your applications according to specified rules create by you. It will make sure the applications you want to monitor for trimming will not consum more memory then you specified.
What is Trimming ?
The working set of a process is the set of memory pages currently visible to the process in physical RAM. Access to this memory is very fast because the pages are resident and available for an application to use without triggering a page fault.
A process can explicitly trim its working set. (This is essentially how the system trims the process when its top-level window is minimized.) This does not mean that the memory pages used by the process are immediately discarded from RAM. In fact, these pages may remain resident for quite a while. They are simply flagged so that the system can use them for other processes as necessary. This is significantly faster than waiting on the system's standard trimming algorithm.
MEMtrim. The best solutions for applications memory monitoring and trimming.

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